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A different kind of luxury

As a brand we go deeper, proposing a lifestyle of lightness, kindness and all things luxury

When you gift yourself an Eris home product, you gift your home - kindness.

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Created to delight and crafted to last, Eris Home aims to challenge the status quo in home furnishings and educate customers that, ‘sustainable affordable luxury’ isn’t an oxymoron.

Interior Exterior Group

Giving a vibrant new direction to sustainable luxury, Eris Home has launched their spring summer collection, Cocooned in Luxury, that offers home furnishing inspired by nature. Replete with accent pillows, cushion covers, quilts and bedcovers, thus collection adds comfort and warmth to all aspects of home furnishings.

The Ideal Home and Garden

Good Homes India : Sustainable luxury must be at the core of home decor. Using cushion covers that have been made with environment-friendly fabrics such as the non-violent Eri silk make for a sustainable home choice, especially in today’s times of global crises. Hues such as sea green, beige, grey, pastel light blues inspire positivity and serenity.

The Morning Standard

Steeped in Sustainability and Exuding Sophisticated Vibrancy, the ‘Cocooned in Luxury’, Collection from Eris Home is a Striking and Visual Delight for your Home

Peak Life

Even before the pandemic brought issues like sustainability and fair practices in the world of luxury to the forefront, Sanjana Lunia - Founder and Creative Head of Eris Home had made her conscientious commitment tangible through her responsible luxury brand Eris Home. In fact the brand name itself is a word play on ‘Eri Silkworms’, which yield silk that is often referred to as the ‘fabric of peace’

Architects and interiors India

Can there be too many cushions? The material used by Eris is ahimsa silk (created using non-violent silk breeding and harvest- ing methods), which gives any space a formal feel. We love the uphol- stered centre table

India Today Home

“Upholstery manufacturing is not a direct cause of ocean pollution. However, the chemicals used to achieve the desired look of the fabric, such as dyes if not disposed of properly can land up in water bodies and cause pollution,”

Temp Zine

Celebrating Eris Home stands for ‘luxury shouldn’t kill’, it takes pride in the fact that not a single silkworm was harmed in the making of its products. Eris Home is synonymous with sustainable luxury and its spring-summer collection stays true to that commitment

Grandeurr Homes

Eri silk gets its name from the Assamese word “Era” meaning castor, as the silkworm feeds on castor plants. The cocoon is processed once the moth flies out- leading to the name “Ahimsa” silk. The texture of eri silk fabric is fine and dense and hence it is durable, with good tensile strength and elasticity.

Seema Magazine

With mother nature’s striking minerals as its muse, the range is available in soothing colors such as powder pink, sea green, cream and mustard yellow.

The style list

Eris Home, a soft furnishings brand was born in 2021 out of a vision to transform the idea of modern-day luxury in unison with nature. Eris Home believes in sustainable and synergic living, with a cruelty free vision.


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