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Translating the emotion that comes with hosting people during the festive season, Eris Home Luxury Table Linen collections are thoughtfully crafted to be functional, aesthetic and durable in ethereal tones. The range creates a luxuriant aura with its premium fabrics and warm hues effortlessly transporting you to a blissful and serene surroundings of a pleasant autumn evening.

Centered on sharing good food, company and conversation across a table, all seasons are about good cheer, warm wishes and happiness that we want to make special with everyone. This is the feeling we wanted to invoke as you gather around the dining table with friends and family to break bread with our Luxury Table Linen Collection.

Why invest and buy Luxury Table Linen?

Luxury Table Linen – Table Runners, Table Mats & Napkins, apart from protecting the dining table from spillage and heat damage, really help create an inviting mood, as anyone who regularly sets tables would attest.

If you're unsure about what it is, we may explain that it is a covering or pad that identifies a specific place setting, as opposed to a bigger tablecloth that covers the entire tabletop. A placement mat can be made of various materials, choose one depending on its intended purpose - everyday casual dining, entertaining guests, or outdoor use.

Why choose Eris Home Table Linen?

Eris Home offers Luxury Table Mats, Table Runners & Napkins in a plethora of colours and materials. Simple yet elegant printed Luxury Table Mats are ideal for daily usage.Embroidered, beaded and vegan leather mats are perfect when you want to impress. All table linen by Eris Home is fuss-free and can be maintained easily at home. A simple hand/machine wash or wipe clean is all that they require to look as good as new. Browse the Luxury Table Mats collection now.

To Match Your Style Eris Home offers a wide variety of Luxury Table Linen befitting various needs. Here are a few types that we offer:

Are you going to hold a party at your house? Here are some Suggestions & Style Tips ideas to help you use a Table Linen runner to add flair to your dining table.

  1. Measurement of a Table Runner Luxury Table Runners are typically put in the middle of the table, lengthwise, and is the length of a tablecloth. Like the tablecloths, it hangs from both ends as well. To accomplish the same, measure the length of your table and leave six to twelve inches of fabric hanging over the edges.
    • Longitudinal Placement Using a single table runner that is positioned in the middle of a rectangular but narrow table makes sense. The serving utensils and centerpieces that align with the table's visual center will then be placed here. If your table is broad and rectangular, another option is to longitudinally arrange two table runners on either end, allowing space for plates and placemats to match.
    • Width-wise Positioning Multiple Luxury Table Runners arranged width-wise is a terrific choice when you want to create a more informal and intimate atmosphere. Additionally, it makes it simple to define the table's sitting areas. If you're doing this outside, candles and flowers can be used to establish a welcoming, cozy, and pleasant mood.
  2. Design Choice –
    • Choose colors and textiles depending upon the material of the dining table, colour of the dining upholstery and style of crockery and cutlery.
    • Keep in mind the time of day, the mood and occasion type to dress your table accordingly.

For a Clean, Fuss-Free Mealtime, Use Luxury Table Napkins

Are you a confident hostess of cocktail parties who consistently pulls off the perfect party décor? Are you a messy eater who longs for a better alternative to boring, environmentally unfriendly white paper napkins? Are you fussy about everything that appears on your dinner table and other aspects of your home's decor? If yes, then you ought to browse through our range of Luxury Table Napkins. You can find printed, embroidered, embellished Luxury Table Napkins completed with complementing edge details that will elevate your dining experience.

  1. Add new life to your dining area by using table linens that capture the atmosphere or your mood. An embroidered or printed napkin set can enhance the elegant ambiance of a luncheon.
  2. A dining table is generally full of food of various colours and textures so why restrict the decor. Mix and match table linen to create an eclectic vibe.
  3. Eris Home Luxury Table Napkins are both supple and pleasant to the touch. For simple maintenance, they can easily be washed at home.
  4. Maintain many sets of Luxury Table Napkins for various occasions so that you always have a fallback option in case you receive an unexpected visitor.

Buy Luxury Table Linen Online

What makes a house a home are small decor items that are an extension of the personalities of those that inhabit the space. For instance, a traveller’s home will be full of objects and photographs that remind them of the places that they have coveted.

The Luxury Table Linen Online you choose can speak a thousand words. Apart from protecting your table from spillage or direct heat, a table runner can instantly elevate the dining experience.


How to decorate dining table when not in use?

You can decorate a dinning table when not being used by placing a runner on the center of it along with a vase with flowers or a fruit bowl is ideal.

What Is a Luxury Table Runners?

A table runner is a long piece of fabric that can be used on tables with or without tablecloths. It can be arranged in a variety of ways, but the centre of the table with the runner spilling over the edges on both sides is the most common.

How long should Luxury Table Runners be?

A table runner can be a few inches shorter than your dining table or can even over flow from both ends. Its personal choice, there is no wrong way.

Can I Set Up a Buffet Table Using Luxury Table Runners?

You can use table runners for a variety of table arrangements, including a buffet table. The dinner table's sleek lines complement and enhance its appearance.

Can Table mats Be Used with Luxury Table Runners?

Traditionally, decorative things are placed on a table runner that is placed in the middle of the table. Placemats can be used in this arrangement in addition to a table runner. Luxury Table Runners can occasionally be positioned in front of each chair across the table. Given that the table's arrangement has already been decided, it might not be a good idea to use a placemat in this situation.

What is the size ofLuxury Table Mats?

The ideal size for a table mat is 13” x 19” (33cm*48 cm)

Where to buy Luxury Table Linen?

You can explore a wide range of Table Runner, Table Mats & Napkins on our website

How to place Luxury Table Mats?

Table mats are placed in front of each dinning chair upon which crockery and cutlery is set on. It marks where each person needs to sit, it also prevents the table from getting scratched or damaged.

How to decorate with Luxury Table Runners?

Table runners can be dressed up by placing a flower vase upon it, candle stands or simply a fruit bowl.

What is the purpose of a Luxury Table Runners?

It has a two-pronged purpose, it protects the dining table from direct heat of the dishes, spillage and stains from food dropping and scratches from cutlery and crockery. It's also decorative, it can set the tone for the dining experience. For instance, a formal Luxury Table Runners with foil work is ideal for a festive dinner versus a simple printed runner in a pop colour is perfect for daily use.

Does a table runner have to hang over?

Not necessarily, it can be centred to the table also.

Can table runner be shorter than table?


What kind of material used for Luxury Table Napkins?

At Eris Home we only use 100% cotton fabric for Luxury Table Napkins, as they feel soft, doesn’t allow food to pass through, can be machine washed and doesn't stain easily.

What kind of Luxury Table Napkins does Eris Home Offer?

At Eris Home we only use 100% cotton fabric for napkins, as they feel soft, doesn’t allow food to pass through, can be machine washed and doesn't stain easily.

What is the price range for Luxury Table Napkins?

2250-2700 for a set of 6 Luxury Table Napkins.

Is there minimum order quantity for Luxury Table Napkins?

A set of 6 napkins.

How much times does it take to deliver Luxury Table Napkins or any products from the website?

7-10 working days.