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Eris Home offers significant qualities in their Bed Linen range which set them apart as a different kind of luxury. They are an ensemble of soft and dreamy Quilted Bedspreads that evoke poignant emotions to turn your space into an inviting haven for resting and rejuvenation.

Our Bedspreads online exude comfort and luxury, the quintessential designs radiate an alluring and inviting charm with their sophisticated patterns, breathable cotton or sustainable silk fabrics in subtle understated neutral hues with intricate quilting.

Styling your bedding, the focal point of your bedroom, with an undisputed elegance, these lightweight bedspreads will lull you to sleep with their soothing look, texture and feel.

Why choose Eris Home Luxury Bedspreads online?

We offer classically beautiful botanicals and elegantly simple geometric motifs which are invigorated with traditional quilting techniques, on a timeless palette of cool neutrals and soft shades that embody serene indulgence.

Eris Home believes in infusing responsible luxury with sustainable practices. The brand sources its materials ethically with the belief that luxury shouldn’t kill and thus uses “Ahimsa Silk” fabric in its collections.

Why invest and buy Luxury Bedspreads?

Your safe sanctuary is your bedroom. Your bedroom must exude a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere. Your bedroom should be tastefully designed, from the bed to the walls. A Bedspread not only keeps your bed clean but also makes your bedroom look elevated and complete. Your bed needs a bedspread regardless of its size or style. It is also among the best ways to display your unique sense of style.

You are sure to enjoy Eris' extensive selection of Luxury Bedspreads. We offer Bed Linen in a wide variety of items, patterns & styles including florals and geometric patterns. They are ideal for a king-size bed. Eris Home’s Bedspreads come as a set that includes two matching pillow shams. Discover the vast selection of Eris Home’s Luxury Bedspreads online.

To Match Your Style Eris Home offers a wide variety of Luxury Bedspreads befitting various needs. Here are a few styles that we offer:

  • Cotton Quilted Luxury Bedspreads:Eris Home offers a wide range of Cotton Luxury Bedspreads available in a plethora of colours, ranging from neutrals to pastels. Choose from a variety of quilted patterns that include geometric and floral, amongst others. These Cotton Luxury Bedspreads are machine washable and easy to maintain.
  • Silk Jacquard Quilted Luxury Bedspreads: Eris Home offers a range of ahimsa silk jacquard quilted Bedspreads available in a variety of designs. These silk jacquard quilted Bedspreads are dry clean only and easy to maintain.
  • Sheet Set: Eris Home offers 100% Cotton Bedsheets in solid and print. The fabric is breathable, supple and has stretch.

Are you unsure of how to select the ideal bedspread for your bed? Here are some Suggestions & Style Tips for picking out and dressing up your bed as per your style:

  1. Choose a Bedspread colour depending on the mood you want to create. Choose bright warm colours for a happy vibrant feel, pastels and neutrals for a calming environment, and dark colours to create a moody inclusive feel.
  2. Cotton bed linens are a good choice for the summer because they are comfortable, calming and have a soft hand feel.
  3. If you want to give your bed a modern and stylish feel, choose a heavily quilted bedspread and add textured pillows as accent decor.
  4. Choosing Bedspreads that coordinate with the rest of the furniture in your bedroom is essential to make the room look cohesive. You can choose to match the bed linen colour to that of the upholstery of chairs/sofas, or you can decide to create an aesthetic contrast. This would depend upon how many colours and textures are already present in the room.
  5. Add an inviting throw and a plethora of vibrant cushions for a casual yet elegant aesthetic. Even a bed runner can be used to complete the look.

Buy Luxury Bedspreads online

We pride in Eris Home to be the last stop on your search for the finest Bedspreads in India. The home furnishing designer items available on Eris Home range from Bed Linen, Cushions, Table Linen & Bath Linen. Visit Eris Home to see the thought-provoking selection of Luxury Home Furnishings Online available at affordable costs. When you shop with us you will get generous offers, quick shipping and simple payment choices.


What is the use of Bedspread / Bedspread?

Think of Bedspreads as clothes for your bed! A Bedspread dresses up your bedroom makes the bed look neat, sophisticated & aesthetically elevates the room. It also prevents the bedsheet and pillow covers from getting dirty all day.

How do I choose a Bedspread?

Start by knowing the size of your bed. Eris Home's Luxury Bedspreads our full size which are ideal for king and super king beds but also works for queen size beds. The second thing to consider is how often is the Bedspread used. If you lay your Bedspread every day opt for something that can be machined washed. Eris Home's Cotton Bedspreads Online can be machine washed and are low maintenance. If you use a Bedspread only on special occasions then you can opt for something more luxurious such as the ahimsa Silk Bedspreads Online by Eris Home. Last thing to keep in mind is the hand feel of the Bedspread, it should feel soft and comfortable to laze upon. All our Luxury Bedspreads are made from impeccable quality fabric for the ultimate luxury experience.

How long does a Bedspread last?

That would depend on 3 factors - usage frequency, adherence to care instructions and fabric material. Typically, if Eris Home's Cotton Bedspreads are used daily, machine washed twice a month and are used with basic care they should easily last you 2-3 years without looking worn out.

What is the difference between a Bedspread and a Bedsheet?

A bedsheet is placed directly upon a mattress or a mattress topper, to protect it. Overlaying bedsheets with bed coverings provide an additional defense against dirt and dust. A bedsheet is only used for protection and is typically made of cotton or rayon. In addition to providing protection, Luxury Bedspreads also improve the appearance of the bed.

Why is a Bedsheet and then a Bedspread required?

Traditionally, decorative things are placed on a table runner that is placed in the middle of the table. Placemats can be used in this arrangement in addition to a table runner. Luxury Table Runners can occasionally be positioned in front of each chair across the table. Given that the table's arrangement has already been decided, it might not be a good idea to use a placemat in this situation.Because it shields the mattress from spills and rips, a bedsheet followed by a Bedspread is crucial. These covers are an excellent tool for preventing mould and bacteria from growing in the mattress' cracks. As they sleep, many people tend to perspire. The mattress is protected from wetness by a bedsheet. You ought to cover your bed if you are concerned about cleanliness.

Can you wash a Bedspread in a washing machine?

Most Bedspreads can be machine washed, however, do check the care label attached to the products to learn how to best take care of your Bedspreads.