About Eris:
We have only one home, one environment, one planet that so kindly looks after us, and that we must protect with equal kindness and love.

In nature, there is kindness. In living, there is luxury.

Eris Home was born out of a vision to transform the idea of modern-day luxury to one in unity with nature.

True luxury, as an experience, ought to cause no harm in the process of its manufacturing and provide quality beyond measure in consumption.

At Eris, we believe in sustainable and synergic living to the lives associated with us, from the silkworms to our dedicated team and clients. With cruelty-free at our core, we explored the use of Eri Silk, also known as 'Ahimsa Silk', which, unlike conventional sericulture practices, is consciously extracted from open-mouthed cocoons where silkworms have been allowed to hatch organically. The fine and durable yarns are then carefully spun at our sister concern in Assam, the largest producer of Eri Silk in India, which also shares our core values and beliefs by providing a livelihood for its predominantly female workforce.

Our uncompromising approach and belief in sustainable processes and ethical practices create products of unparalleled elegance and finesse..
Founders note:
A step towards luxury that is kind. From the time I joined the Eris Family, my biggest milestone this far has been bringing to fruition a project very close to my heart- Eris Home. We aim to bring to your homes - kindness, luxury and love for our planet, with every fiber of our being. Bringing to life an idea of a kind lifestyle was bound to pan out as seamlessly as this. I believe that when something is created out of the kind of love, kindness and passion that we put into our products, the outcome is sure to follow. We hope to strike a chord with the harmony of nature, a harmony that hums within us all; we hope to serve a purpose and bring light and love to your homes.
Eris living:

Live in Kindness

Eris Living resonates with a lifestyle that is kind to your homes, yourself and the planet. By creating luxury that stems from kindness, we are taking a step towards a gentler, fuller world. Inspired by the bounty of color's and textures Nature has to offer, Eris Living breathes new life into your homes with our environment-friendly cushion covers
Eris Bedding:
Leisure in Kindness Eris Home Bedding hopes to engulf your time of leisure with kind luxury. We believe that the key to a healthy, peaceful and loving life is time spent well-rested and rejuvenated. Resting in bedding made with the finest, most sustainably sourced silk yarns help you stay agile in body and mind. Our bed covers are made with natural textures that are kind to your skin and the Earth. Weaving the age-old practice of ‘Ahimsa’ silk and the expertise of our in-house designers, we bring to you bedding of the purest and more natural kind that takes you from your room to the bosom of nature.
Kind Luxury:

From the farm, to your home

Our beautiful fabrics have been sourced from the farms of Assam, where precious silkworms are nurtured in kindness to help produce the finest of silks. They embrace their cycle of life without any harm caused, and emerge from their cocoons as majestic moths, unlike most sericulture practices. The raw silk left behind in the form of their cocoons is then sorted and graded to ensure that only the highest quality reaches your homes. The spinning and weaving are then skillfully done by local artisans, who weave beautiful patterns into our cloth to provide a unique texture and a refined elegance to the products. A last round of testing is then done before our bundle of kind luxury reaches your homes, and envelopes you with the Eris Home touch.