Luxury Table mats, while functionally protecting your dining table from spills, stains, and heat damage, aesthetically set a mood for the dining experience. Eris Home offers an extensive range of table mats, napkins and table runners in various designs, colours, patterns and materials. Whether an intimate date night, a festive dinner or for everyday use, Eris Home has you covered.  

Read the blog to know the reasons to choose luxury table mats from Eris Home. 

4 Reasons to Choose Luxury Table Mats From Eris Home

1. Complements Your Aesthetics 

Eris Home offers an extensive range of table linen that are available in multiple colours, techniques and materials.

Our beaded mats from the ‘Glistening Celebration’ collection instantly create a festive vibe, while our vegan leather mats from the ‘Everlasting Gingko’ collection is ideal to entertain a messy guest as they can be easily wiped clean. Both these type of  Luxury Table Mats elevate the dining experience. To elevate it even further you can add flowers on the table. 

Luxury Table Mats

2. Durable & Fuss-Free

Other reasons to choose luxury table mats is that it’s durable. Our Luxury Table Mats are made of superior quality fabric, glass beads or vegan leather to ensure that they last you for a long time which helps to save plenty of money in the long run.

Maintaining Eris Home’s Luxury table mats are easy on the pocket as they can either be machine washed, hand washed or wiped clean. Don’t forget to read the Care Label attached to the table mats to ensure longevity. 

3. Trendy Designs

Our Luxury Dining Table Mats come in trendy designs that will steal the show. Set your hosting skills above the rest with Eris Home's Luxury table mats. Each collection is thoughtfully designed keeping current global trends in mind. For instance, if you love ‘Very Peri’, the colour of 2022 you are sure to love the ‘Lavender Gingko’ Table Mats.

Scalloped edge vegan leather table mats from the ‘Unassuming Splendour’ collection, available in grey and beige instantly add a touch of refinement to the tablescape. If dramatic is your jam explore our ‘Regal Feast’ and ‘Glistening Celebration’ collections which are handcrafted using thousands of glass beads, we promise you won’t need anything else to spruce up your dining table for a celebratory meal. Ensure that the luxury table mats complement the overall home decor. 

Luxury Table Mats

4. Ethical & Sustainable 

Our endeavour is to provide kind luxury, this is reflected in how we treat the environment and our workforce. This goes beyond using cruelty-free materials such as responsibly sourced vegan leather and 'Ahimsa' or non-violent silk.

We also use chemical-free dyes that doesn't pollute the water bodies. Even the packaging material we use is biodegradable. Our workforce primarily consists of women, many of whom are breadwinners for their families. We provide a safe and clean environment while paying them fair wages.

Here are four reasons to choose luxury table mats from Eris Home. We have a wide selection of Luxury Table Mats to suit every occasion. Visit the table mats page on our website to check out the best dining Luxury table mats collection.