“Luxury, to me, is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” – Oscar de la Renta


“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

We all love a well-decorated home, something that is truly reflective of our personality and brings comfort to us as well as those who walk in. Decorating your home, making it a cosy place to retreat to is a rather underrated and important element of your well-being. The need for a warm, comfortable home is deep-rooted in the human psyche from prehistoric days when people lived in caves kept warm and lit by fire. 

Today, we have come a long way from caves, huts, and studios to homes with rooms for each purpose. However, the principle of all this is comfort. Home is where the heart feels cosy, safe and warm. 

Sometimes, it may be daunting and confusing to know where to begin and what to do to complete your decor for the ultimate cosy appeal.Read the Blog to know some tips to decorate your home.

Here are 5 tips to decorate your home:

1. Lights and Mirrors

The first and unconscious element of a home that makes one feel cosy is the lighting. Assess the lighting situation in your room and customise it to your liking. Start by checking the light source of each room. We suggest trying to try and avoid a single harsh and overheated light source, instead replace it with warm scattered lights like table and floor lamps, scented candles, and ambience lighting. The lack of cool blue light in it helps induce relaxation. 

Complement this with a mirror placed in the right spots to help yourself and others feel welcome. Mirrors not only add dimension to your space but it also reflects the light to create a cosmic and soothing effect.

2. Art, Painting and Pictures

One of the best tips to decorate your home is to add a creative expression of character through artistic elements of your choice. Art is very personal that resonates with you and your lifestyle. It subconsciously elevates your mood. It’s essential to add art pieces that you love. Therefore, decorating your home or changing up the design elements and art pieces can bring comfort. It also exudes an inviting aura to guests with its storytelling and creativity.

3.Add Plants and Fresh Flowers

One habit the pandemic brought on us and that is here to stay is nurturing plants. Something we, at Eris Home, personally love to do! Plants make a home feel alive with their positive energy and greenery. It helps us feel rooted and connected to nature in our urban lives. Fresh flowers do the same thing with their bright colours and beauty. It makes anyone entering your home immediately feel warm, welcome and cosy. Other tips to decorate your home is to add flowers on the dining table. 

4. Layer with Textures

The secret to a warm and cosy home is layering it with soothing textures. Go all out with a nice warm rug to leisure in, display throws on your sofa and fill up your space with alluring, sustainable and cosy luxury cushion covers from Eris Homes! Adding in those extra layers of warmth with our range of environment-friendly and elegantly designed luxury cushion covers are a must for a comfy home. Other tips to decorate your home is to choose luxury cushion covers that go well with the overall home decor.

Luxury Cushion Covers

5. Comfy Your Bedding

The magic lies in the small details of choosing the right luxury bed covers and luxury cushions to go on your bed. A bedroom is known to be the most intimate and soulful room in a home and the bed is an element that oozes comfort. Accessorizing it accordingly is the most important step of all. Eris Bedding provides a range of silk and cotton- bed covers and Luxury cushion covers to bring the magic of comfort to your home. It not only brings warmth through design and colour but a conscious comfort through its sustainable and environment-friendly creation that gives your home character and cosiness.

Luxury Bed Covers

Try these 5 essential tips to decorate your home beautifully and be sure to put it up on Instagram and tag us @eris_home!