Low impact sustainable living with a penchant for slowing down to reflect, recuperate and rejuvenate has become integral to leading a wholesome and good life. Going inwards and listening to one’s conscience while reflecting on what impact we are leaving behind is what conscious living is all about.

With the onset of an unforeseen lockdown, the extended timeout from everyday life afforded many the chance to reacquaint themselves with their inner selves. And making the journey easier were a slew of Instagram profiles who transformed their feed into an all-access treasure trove of how to ace slow living and renew your relationship with yourself. We have curated a list of 10 such profiles to make your feed brighter, beautiful and eco-conscious.

1. Venetia La Manna 

If fast fashion is your weakness, Venetia La Manna’s slow living and conscious efforts will inspire you to kick your obsession to the curb. A podcaster and sustainability activist, Venetia is a champion of circular fashion and embraces ‘old’ clothes above everything else. Follow her for incorporating realistic tips and tricks in your daily life.

2. Kathleen Elie 

Sustainable and slow living is a lot of things but never boring. And if you were under this misconception, let Kathleen Elie’s profile ‘Conscious Chic’ give you a whole new perspective. Her vibrant and voguish feed is chock-full of intriguing reels that will give you a virtual taste of what a conscious life looks like.

3. Aditi Mayer

Fashion can be a confluence of aesthetics and ethics. This is the primary ethos of this Los Angeles based sustainable fashion influencer. Her Instagram profile is a mélange of stunning photography punctuated with nature as its backdrop. Aditi’s go-to fashion advice and the way she weaves a narrative in each of her posts makes her account worth following.

4. Niomi Smart 

Promoting a sustainable and chic lifestyle, Niomi Smart not only lives the conscious life but has also founded an cruelty-free and eco-conscious skincare brand, Smart Skin. Her constant endeavor to bring sustainability in everyday living and talking about brands that are option for a cleaner and greener practice educates her followers about ways in which they can lead a conscious life too.

5. Simply Living Well

Aesthetic, green and minimalistic! Julia’s feed Simply Living Well is an amalgamation of all these things. She curates a realistic and beautiful profile portraying the benefits of slow living and how easy it is to adapt to one.

6. Zero Waste Collective 

Living with less waste transforms to more joy. This is what Zero Waste Collective’s founder Tara Mckenna believes in. While her own profile is a go-to for people looking to live the conscious life, Zero Waste Collective is a vast community showing how conscious living is mindful and simple to adapt.

7. Planted in the Woods

An effervescent and striking feed of a couple who have embraced the conscious life and post updates about it for their followers, Planted in the Woods is a mood board for all thing simple and minimalistic. With thoughtful and quirky illustrations, you get a sneak peak of a slow life that is rooted in earthy goodness.

8. The Sustainable Collective

This profile is a vast community of people who are living the conscious life with in-depth and insightful blogs on how anyone can do the same. From articles and links for beginners to latest findings in the world of the slow life, everything is curated by the Sustainable Collective.

9. Zero Waste Chef 

Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau, the curator of the Zero Waste Chef profile has been living a plastic free life since 2011. She incorporates her values and ethos of a conscious life by following three rules in her cooking – no processed food, no trash and no packaging. Follow her to create a conscious kitchen of your own.

10. Sustainable Sabs

From cues on how to travel as a minimalist to being an intersectional environmentalist, Sabs is a prominent Instagram personality who helps her followers in leading a conscious life. She frequently posts about her lifestyle, her initiatives to ensure people know how it benefits our planet if we do go the sustainable way.

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