How to take care of your Luxury Bedcover?

1. Always read the care label to ensure the longevity of your Luxury Bedcover. Some can be washed at home while others need dry cleaning.

2. It’s wise to read the label before making a purchase to avoid an unwanted hidden maintenance expense.

3. Eris Home’s cotton bedcovers are machine washable.

4. Wash or dry clean them once every two months.

5. While dry cleaning is a good bet, if you’re up to doing it at home, machine wash them with warm water, a little detergent and a warm drying setting.


Luxury Bed Covers

6. Thick Luxury Bedcovers take a while to dry, so ensure that they’re completely dry before you use them again or put them into storage.

7. In case you spill something on your Luxury Bedcover, immediately use a stain removal pen like this one from Tide. Alternatively dabbing soda can also help. If the stain doesn’t go away when it dries up, follow the care label for a wash.

8. It’s important to take care of the stain right away to prevent it from permanently settling in.