To elevate your home’s interior look, you have to choose perfect interior elements. Cushions are an integral part of every home’s environment, giving it a cozy and elegant appearance. 

Shaped cushions not only give your sofa, bed and living space a better view but also provide a comfortable and inviting feel to your living space. Also, cushions are one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home interiors. Prefer investing in good quality cushions that will instantly give a refreshed look to your room. One of the practical reasons to invest in cushions is to make your hard- furniture more comfortable. 

At Eris Home, we have cushions made of beautiful textures and multiple colour options. You can shop and bring home our Luxury Shaped Cushions, which are available in unique designs and moods that will drive elegance. However, before you add the cushions to your cart, here are the tips from experts on how to invest in the perfect cushion for your home. 

Do Not Go Completely Matched With The Cushions 

Sometimes, when you go for a new sofa, it will come with matching cushions. Not always, matching cushions will give a defined look. It is because it will completely blend with the sofa's colour and make it look lumpy and dull. You can check out our cushions, which are available in different colours and textures to meet every home’s interior setting. You can experiment by adding mixed-match cushions such as our Yin to my Yang Sherpa Cushion and Cloud Sherpa Cushion that will contrast well with the sofa and complement the entire room. Both the cushions are available in chocolate brown, ivory and beige colours which will give an unimaginable contrasting view to the rest of your space.

Every decor style will benefit from our shaped cushion collection. However, make sure it is contrasting to bring life to the decor. Besides, you can use decor items such as lamps and hangings to elevate the space.

Choose The Right Shape And Size To Make The Statement

The most common mistake people make when choosing a cushion is buying every cushion of the same shape and size. It will give a mundane vibe to your living space. Hence, try to mix cushions of different shapes and sizes that will add interest and make your interior look outstanding. 

We have various-sized cushions available at our online store. There are options with patterned material with solid colours and shaped cushions. Our most popular shape is sphere cushions, which come with textured fabric. Our sphere cushion will also offer handrest support on sofas and bedding, so it will add both fun and functionality to your space.

Prefer to Add Beautiful Pyramid Cushions

Apart from going with regular cushions, expert interior designers recommend going for something unique. For example, our pyramid cushions will give the best appearance and complement well with the entire décor. You can add these beautiful cushions to your sofas to offer an extra seating environment. This will bring interest to your interior space.

Check out our latest Pyramid Boucle Cushion under our new collection. It is a uniquely shaped cushion that is available in different colours such as sage green, lime green and blue. Our pyramid cushions come with an intricate design with a perfect blend of style and comfort. Crafted with high-quality materials, these are the best addition to your living room, lounge area and gardens. Overall, the unique pyramid shape will add a touch of elegance to any space.

Get Your Shine On With Attractive Colours And Textures

If you have an interior space that has neutral and earthy colours, try to add unique colour cushions to result in a textured and edgy finish such as the chocolate brown colour of Cloud Sherpa Cushion. With this, you can keep your look chic and simple. You can add the beige colour cushion to your sofa to add an elegant touch.

Besides, you can go for a sphere cushion made of luxurious material. The Sphere Boucle Cushion is one of our newly added versatile cushions which will give an effortless way to elevate the beauty of your living space. This collection is available in blue and ivory colour. These cushions will add a contrasting effect to your existing cushion setup. Also, you will get ultimate relaxation on your sofa with these sphere edition cushions.

Arrange The Cushions Rightly With Different Cushions

If you prefer to go with the traditional route for your interior, you can place one or two matching cushions at each of your ends. On the other hand, you can mix up and create a modern or contemporary look with our  Loopy Knot Velvet Cushion, Love Knot Boucle Cushion and other cushion types.

So, when you are not sure about the desired style, you can choose three to five differently arranged cushions from our store. Prefer to choose from your personalised colour palette in the centre and surround them with other colours. Experiment with different combinations and go for the ones you like.

Experiment with Different Material Type Cushions

You can experiment with different materials to add a unique view and feel to your sofas and beds. Add decorative pillows to your living and bedroom space. You can cover them with our shaped cushion variants, which will complement any piece of furniture. To get an extraordinary look, you can go for the Loopy Knot Velvet Cushion which will bring both fun and functionality to your space. 

With different cushion shapes, designs, patterns, and textures, you can give your sofa the desired look and enhance your interior. The above ideas will give a bold and beautiful statement to your home. Check out our cushion collection and make the best purchase.