For the upcoming festive season of colours, do you want to give your table a beautiful and elegant touch? It’s time to invest in some affordable yet aesthetically beautiful table mats that will transform your table set-up. Table mats are one of the most essential elements in creating an attractive table arrangement. They add much-needed colour to the table and also help set the mood for the meal being served. You can give your guests a warm, welcoming environment and a wow presence by adding the classy table mats. 

At Eris Home, we have luxury-looking yet elegant table mats that will enlighten your Holi celebration and give you great celebration vibes. We have a wide variety of table mats that will perfectly fit into every party theme. So, no doubt, you will get multiple options, but you need to select the one that matches your Holi theme party.

In this blog, we will help you get the best table mat design ideas for your Holi party. 

Bring Sophistication To Your Table By Adding Gingko Cotton Table Mats

Our premium quality Gingko table mats symbolise beauty and endurance. It is made of 100% pure cotton, making the mats a durable choice that will serve you for a long time. It will be a great addition to your Holi party table as it will beautify your place with delicate gingko embroidery. The overall table will get a great aesthetic view. 

The major highlight of this stunning set of Gingko Cotton Table Mats is it will add a touch of elegance with subtle hues to your table and protect it from spills. So, bring this set of four Gingko table mats available in vibrant plum and mustard colours that are incorporated with digital floral print and the finest embroidery table mat design

Gives An Aesthetic Touch With Ikat Cotton Table Mats

Do you want to give a traditional aesthetic touch to your dining this Holi celebration? You can create a wonderful tablescape with our Ikat Cotton Table Mats. It is perfect for dining table styling consoles and also for side tables. These digital prints cotton mats are made from 100% cotton. The best part is this exclusive table mat will maintain its colour and design even after several washes. This cotton table mat is made of thick material quality, which will not let the stains transfer to your table. It is available in green & blue and warm golden colours. 

The Ikat table mat collection will bring precision and will let you celebrate transition with its timeless prints. It will bring uniqueness to your table with its ombre background. The outstanding Ikat print is interwoven with beautiful floral motifs. It will give your Holi celebration space a calming and alluring environment.

Create A Safari Jungle View With Serengeti Multi Cotton Table Mats

Planning for a green Holi celebration with organic elements? Then, this set of table mats will be the best choice.  Serengeti Multi Cotton Table Mats will take you on a safari with its digital tropical jungle prints. The print includes green trees, a playful monkey, a majestic elephant and a graceful cheetah that will brighten up your green Holi celebration this year. 

This mat will add luxury and vibrant style to your table, and it will go perfectly with the organic colours. You can add both to create a great combination on your serving tables. For nature lovers out there, this table mat is the perfect choice.


Boost Your Holi Celebration With Gold Beaded Table Mats 

Do you want to arrange a royal banquet party for Holi? Regal Feast Multi Beaded Table Mats will give the perfect accent. This elegantly designed set of round table mats with a hand-beaded technique will transform your table and give it a celebratory and royal blast feast vibe. This exclusive set of table mats is available in Silver & Gold colour. It is made of glass beads that have undergone the beaded technique. 

This set of four table mats will feature an intricate array of mesmerising acrylic beads. In this Holi, it will definitely add a festive and inviting vibe to your dining table. The best thing is being multi-beaded; the mat is easy to clean and maintain. 

Make Your Table Lively With Seashells Beaded Table Mats

Are you going for an aquatic theme this Holi? Then, do not miss our Seashells Beaded Table Mats collection. It features aquatic life fusion with its glass beads, sequins and pearls work. The table mat design is inspired by the seabed's majestic shapes. The combination of glass, sequins and acrylic will give an ombré effect to your table and your entire party décor. This aquatic-designed table mat set is available in mineral blue colour. 

The above are the premium set of table mats from our product portfolio. Considering your preference, you can shop for these uniquely crafted table mats from our store to enhance your Holi celebration and give a welcoming and attractive feel to your guests.