Placing eye-catching shaped cushions on your couch will quickly transform your room. The finest decorative pillows are the last touch to complete your interior design, regardless of whether you've spent a lot of money on a luxurious couch that falls short in terms of comfort or you already own a comfy sofa that requires an extra wow factor.

Different cushion shapes also provide a splash of interest to your sofa because they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colours. A quirky, fluffy shaped cushion can give even a traditional beige sofa a whole new appearance.

Get the best decorative pillows round, knot, or pear shaped cushions by Eris Home that will instantly upgrade your home, whether you're looking for something that makes it easier to snooze on your couch or something that is just gorgeous to look at.

Cloud Sherpa Shaped Cushion

The 'Cloud' shaped cushion is ideal for lounging or working in any area since it is shaped like a cloud and promises to be just as comfy as its namesake.

Forever Knot Cushion 

The Forever Knot cushion combines excellent lumbar support with a stylish design. It is perfect for taking a nap on after spending hours sitting on a chair, couch, or bed.

 Loopy Knot Cushion

Our Loopy Knot cushion combines fun and practicality. Place this shaped pillow on a couch or bed to give the room a new contemporary touch.

Love Knot Boucle Shaped Cushion

Add the Love Knot cushion to your bed to complete the look. It's the ideal pillow to snuggle up with.

Sphere Boucle Cushion

This decorative pillow round and snuggly cushion will give your couch some flair and cosiness. It's ideal for lounging on when playing board games, binge-watching your favourite series, and other activities.

Yin to my Yang Sherpa Cushion

This uniquely shaped cushion, the 'Yin to my Yang' shaped pillow looks great on any couch, chair, or bed that it is placed in!

The significance of cushions in designing a luxurious living area

Luxurious cushions are a must-have piece of furniture for every chic and cosy living space. They improve design, give a room a hint of sophistication and cosiness, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any place. Here are a few reasons why luxurious cushions are essential, whether you're decorating your living room, den, or bedroom.

First of all, luxurious cushions give any décor a layer of depth and texture. Any furniture or room décor may have them employed to contrast or enhance the colours, patterns, and textures. Luxurious cushions made of silk, velvet, or fine wool may provide an appealing contrast against a simple, minimalist background, lending an air of refinement and luxury.

Second, opulent cushions provide a platform for a unique expression of flair and originality. Sumptuous cushions come in a plethora of styles, hues, and materials that you may select from to highlight your uniqueness and artistic flair. An ideal statement item that showcases your attention to detail and creative flare may be made by combining a variety of patterns, textures, and geometric forms.

Thirdly, pillows give any space a hint of elegance and cosiness. Good cushions are designed to offer a comfortable, padded surface for lounging, which eventually improves the ambience of your house. Moreover, cushions may turn a space into a lovely and cosy haven that's ideal for relaxing after a hard day, especially when combined with soft fur blankets or plush rugs.

Shop for the most exquisite different cushion shapes on Eris Home and transform your interiors now!