Spending time at home, bonding with your family and loved ones and enjoying meals together are the little pleasures in life that are definitely priceless.  These small joys which we had taken for granted are more valuable today than ever before considering what we all went through during the recent coronavirus pandemic. 

The happiness of relishing a meal on a well-set table amidst your near and dear ones in the comfort of your home is indeed invaluable.   And when it comes to setting your table aesthetically, the importance of a good table runner set can hardly be overemphasized. 

Table runners: the perfect accessory for your table

Luxury Table runners which are easily available online are an ideal way to dress up your table and give it a facelift. Luxury Table runners online come in a wide variety of materials, colours, prints and patterns including embroidery and motifs. 

They go a long way in lending an elegant look for your dining space.  Placed either directly over the table or layered over a table cloth, table runner set are versatile, easy to use and are a quick way to enhance the look and feel of your table.  They are an ideal option to add a stunning texture and subtle charm to your table. 

Eris home, one of India's leading responsible and sustainable home decor brands has a whole range of furnishings including online table runners and table mats.  Eris Home offers an extensive yet assorted range of table runner designs online; from simple, elegant designs to more majestic prints coupled with some bling which gives them a bold and shimmery look, Eris home has it all. 

Table runners online come in a plethora of colours, ranging from sparkling grey to champagne beige. Spread them across your dining table and create new looks every day! Whether, you prefer a calm and serene look, a Victorian feel or a simply a beautiful backdrop, these table runners designs are just perfect!

Linen Luxury Table Runners Online

Linen table runners which are also available online from Eris Homes are a great idea to elevate the entire dining table setting.  Linen table runners online, when spread across the dining table, can turn the whole exercise of eating a simple meal into quite a fanciful experience! 

So, what are you waiting for? Add a touch of class and panache to your dining space with our collection of online linen table runners which serve to enhance the vibe of the table. Light and breezy, linen is extremely popular when it comes to soft furnishings especially table runners. 

But do you know what makes linen table runners everyone's preferred choice? Below is the list of reasons which explain why linen table runners online are the best choice to adorn your dining table.

Linen table runners online: Advantages galore


Linen by itself is an extremely aesthetic looking and durable fabric. Given that the table is an area where there is plenty of movement, the durability of linen prevents the table runners from the wear and tear caused by adults and kids alike. So, linen Luxury table runners online not only help beautify your dining table but they are child proof too!  They are a long-term investment provided they are maintained with proper care.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Linen table runners online are a sustainable choice and the perfect replacement for plastic table runners. They are ideal to use as they reduce the carbon footprint and are much more reliable than paper towels or synthetic fabric table runners. Unlikeother kitchen wipes, they do not add to the garbage; instead, they can be reused and recycled. They are long lasting and retain their super chic and graceful look throughout.

Highly Absorbent

Linen table runners online are highly absorbent. They can absorb water and other fluids effortlessly and can be easily cleaned too. Once the meal is done, you can simply use these table runners to absorb any spills and stains.  They are easily washable and once done, it is as good as new!

5 Table Runners Online for Every Occasion

 Given the innumerable advantages of linen Luxury table runners, here is a list of five table runners online.  The exquisite table runner designs will sure make you fall in love with table décor and the whole idea of creating an attractive tablespace!

1. Dreamy cranes - Spring Cheer

Made from 100% cotton, this range is one of the best and most popular table runners online. The table runner designs of this piece is inspired by a siege of wild cranes. Symbolic of long life and happiness in Japanese culture, these sage coloured runners sport motifs of beautiful branches and cranes coupled with delicate embroidery.  The design and colour of this Luxury table runner is suited for the summer season and sets the perfect ambience for outdoor dining. The fabric is chic and easily washable by hand. Just use, wash, iron and voila! 

2. Bulbous Bloom

A riot of colours, this one is an ode to spring and its lovely blossoms.  An easy yet effective way to add cheerful vibes and a sense of brightness to your dining room, these luxury table runners are hand washable and dry quickly. The pastel hues and the bulbous flowery patterns are ideal if you want to add a pop of colour to your dining space.

3. Unassuming Splendour - Drizzling Mist

It is often said that simplicity is the best form of sophistication.  And if you are someone who is a fan of understated beauty, Drizzling Mist is for you. Created with foil print, the foiled paisley pattern of this luxury table runner is sure to add a refined and tasteful look to your dining space.  Made from pure cotton, this one is lightweight and does not burn a hole in your pocket too!

4. Glistening Celebration - Quicksilver

If you are looking to create a statement with your Luxury table runners- Quicksilver is what you should go for. Glistening with thousands of glass beads that are perfectly aligned and put together, this table runner is the best idea for a party or a grand celebration. This table runner design showcases the illusion of fully-bloomed chrysanthemums. The best part: its surface is easily wipeable and it can be cleaned in a jiffy!

5. Everlasting Gingko - Champagne

Last but not the least, is the unique Everlasting Ginkgo - Champagne table runner designs. This exclusive piece is printed with the iconic ginkgo fan-shaped leaf. This beautiful pattern, along with an attractive brown coloured background, is everything you need for a distinguished ambience. Made with 100% cotton, this table runner is hand washable. Once washed and ironed on low heat, this online Luxury Table Runner is sure to enlighten your dining table almost effortlessly.