Shopping home décor online was just about becoming acceptable amongst Indian consumers when Covid hit. Covid has completely changed how and what we shop. With families spending more time than ever at home, the home improvements space has done increasingly well. Online home furnishings portals have a key hand to play in that success.

While e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart offer home furnishings, if you have a decerning taste you are more likely to look for alternatives that offer superior quality and design. Eris Home is one such brand that shines on both fronts. The cherry on top is that it’s a sustainable luxury brand that promotes kind living. Many such niche brands with only an online presence are making waves and are worth exploring. Read the blog to know the reasons to shop home decor online.

We have compiled a list of 9 reasons to shop home decor online. 

1. Easy-Peasy

Buying home décor products online is quick and easy. Now you needn’t spend your precious weekend running around town to replace your cushions or buy a set of table mats. From the comfort of your home at 2 am in addition to binge-watching Netflix you check items off from your shopping checklist, that you need to make your house an extension of your personality.

2. First Time Buyer Discounts

Most websites now offer a small discount when making your first purchase or when you sign up for their newsletter. For instance, Eris Home offers a 10% discount on first purchases. If you sign up for newsletters to your favourite brands, you are in for a treat! You'll be notified about new collections, sales and discount vouchers. 

3. No Crowds, Queues & Smells

Have you ever waited in line to pay and had the smelly person standing behind you stick rather closely? Pre covid world that was just unpleasant now it's unsafe too! What better way to maintain social distance than shopping online for your home décor needs. 

4. No Pressure

Other reasons to shop home decor online is that we can shop comfortably. We’ve all fallen prey at some point to a clever salesperson who has pressured us into buying something that we don’t need. By shopping online, we can avoid the pushy salesperson, browse at our own pace and buy something that we truly love. 

5. Plan Your Expenses

Shopping online for your home décor needs has yet another advantage over physical stores, you can plan for items to buy. This works two ways. If a product you like is out of stock, you can sign up to get informed of its availability. You can also create wish lists on the website for buying items later. You will get notified when the items are back in stock, along with the discounts and offers on the products you wish listed. This gives you the freedom to plan and get discounts on your wish-listed products. 

6. An Extension of You 

Online you can find home décor products that suit your tastes and lifestyle choices. These may not be available in physical stores. For instance, if you are conscious about the impact your purchases have on the environment you might be interested to check out Eris Home. It promotes sustainability and social responsibility. Their products are made from “Ahimsa” silk which is “Non-violent” silk.  

6. Hassle-Free Returns

Other reasons to shop home decor online is that you get to exchange or refunds. When you shop online, most websites offer hassle-free returns and either refunds or exchanges. Eris Home, for instance, offers a hassle-free 100% refund if you change your mind. So, if you don’t love your newly purchased luxury bed cover after placing it in your room you can exchange it or get your money back with a touch of a button, from the comfort of your home versus wasting your precious time braving traffic to make the return. 

7. Dedicated Customer Care Service 

A dedicated customer care service is one of the perks of shopping for home décor online. Experts are easily accessible to resolve issues and queries. You also get useful suggestions through live chat. It helps you to decide what are the right products for you. FAQ on the webpage also provides valuable information. So, shop online to get high-quality customer care service and a great shopping experience. 

8. Helpful Reviews

Other reasons to shop home decor online is that you can make a good judgement as you can read reviews. Customer, trade, and media reviews are a badge of honour for online stores. Check the reviews of the products and the businesses on the websites and social media handles before buying anything. You will get a fair idea of the business reputation, reliability, and quality of the products. Online reviews make you better informed and help select the right items and products.  

9. Easy Product Comparisons 

You can browse and compare different décor items across websites. You can compare prices, quality guarantees, delivery time etc., of similar products on various websites to make an informed decision. 

Luxury Bed Covers

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t convinced yet as to why you are way better off shopping online for your home décor needs, try it out for yourself! We promise you won't be disappointed. If you are looking for a home décor website to wet your feet, we recommend Eris Home. Eris Home has a wide range of Luxury Bed Covers to Luxury Cushion Covers. It is a sustainable luxury soft furnishings brand that is loved by the sorts of Architectural Digest, Good Homes, Elle Décor, India Today home to name a few. Their extensive range of luxury bedcovers, luxury cushion covers, and table linen is sure to make eyes stir.