Valentine's Day presents an opportunity for couples to express greater romance and is quickly approaching. Although custom dictates a beautiful dinner out, many people would much rather spend a peaceful Valentine's Day at home. 

Organizing a romantic supper and staying in doesn't take much time or work. It's as easy as going shopping. Whatever your intentions are for your peaceful night in, there are many ways to make your house feel a little more loved up and add a little something extra. 

A cosy living area

We want to add a little more romance to our date night in the living room. Sit on a comfortable couch and talk all day as a soothing song plays in the background. Here, "less is more," so you don't want to go overboard and fill the space with an excessive amount of furniture. A sofa set and a table take care topped off with luxury home decor items can do just the right trick.

Shaped cushions are the talk of the town when it comes to luxury home decor items. What better is there than the Love Knot Boucle Cushion? Add this to your sofa and give your loved one a hint of your love for them.

Show your exquisite taste in things by adding this Sea Anemone Cotton Lumbar Cushion Cover, this will instantly elevate your living area.

You can also add the colour of love- red to your centre table with this Buddha Nut Seed Ceramic Pod Set

Set the table for a classic romantic charm using luxury home decor

Valentine's Day traditional crimson table settings are the stuff of fantasies! That will undoubtedly make supper for your special someone memorable. A champagne bucket or wine bottle on the table, combined with rich textiles strategically placed across the bare wooden dining table, are fantastic ways to set the mood for relaxation the moment your spouse sees it.

Go for the Eris Home’s Regal Feast Silver Gold Beaded Table Mats Set of 4 and top off your table setting with a dash of sheen to it. This is one of the most elegant luxury home decor items that can jazz up a table with its intricate detailing.

You can also throw in the Ranthambore Ivory Gold Beaded Table Runner to create an illusion of depth and movement with its beaded detailing all over.

Do not forget the napkins! Top it off with the Everlasting Gingko Cotton Napkins Set and complete your table setting just the way your better half completes you!

This will set a beautiful mood on your big day, making your significant other fall even more in love with you.

Bring the bedding into your bedroom

Use those elegant sheets you would not have thought to use otherwise—Valentine's Day is the ideal moment. For a unified look, coordinate your pillows, linens, and cushions. Then, decide on a motif that best reflects your partner's character. Make a dramatic pink and red colour choice for the ultimate romantics. Select a neutral colour like cream, beige, or white if you want to seem more calming and relaxed.

You could go for the  Joyous Tessellation Lavender Cotton Bedspread to add that tinge of colour to your bedroom. This bedspread sure will set a vibrant mood for your date.

If you want a more soothing vibe, you can also go for the Meander Quilted Cotton Bedspread, this bedspread will definitely create a cozy haven for you!

Cushions are the ultimate luxury home decor items that can uplift any space in a zap. Put the cherry on top with the Medley Silk Cushion Cover and bind the whole setting together.

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