Few things are more exciting than the whole process of converting your house into a home.  Soft furnishings play a key role in this process as they add a whole lot of colour, texture and character to any space. 

In fact, it is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to give your house an aesthetic makeover.  These are elements that can be easily put together according to your colour palette, décor aesthetic and even season. 

It is an aspect that is flexible and can be changed as per your requirements.  And when it comes to soft furnishings, online luxury cushion covers and quilted bed covers are the ideal accessories to give your home a makeover.

Infuse snug and comforting vibes

Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or even an outdoor seating space like a patio or balcony, silk cushion covers are the perfect mantra to induce life and color into any space. 

They not only offer style but also a sense of coziness.  There are several options to choose from when it comes to Luxury cushion covers online. 

They come in a wide range of fabrics, prints, patterns, colors, and cushion cover and bed cover designs.  Luxury bed covers also are a key component of soft furnishings and help to add in texture, grace and an element of subtle sophistication.  They also serve to bring in a layer of warmth and induce a restful vibe into the bedroom space. 

If you are looking to buy online cushion covers and quilted bed covers to renovate your home, Eris Home should certainly be on your list.

With a wide range of online cushion covers and luxury bed covers, Eris home has an irresistible collection that can effortlessly uplift your space. 

Our unique cushion, as well as bed cover designs offered in a variety of hues and patterns, is just what you need to give your home the makeover you have always been planning. 

Plethora of choices

Before you decide to buy online luxury cushion covers, it is important to take a moment to explore the different types of cushions covers online in order to make the right choice for your home.   Here are some of the popular types of Silk Cushion Covers:

Play safe with Symmetry: squares and rectangles

A square cushion cover is unarguably the most common type of cushion cover that can be used anywhere in your home.

You can place them either diagonal or straight and your space is transformed in a jiffy!  They come in various designs and styles such as print patterns, borders with frills, piping, lace, tassels and even pom poms!

They are also available in various sizes ranging from big, medium and small depending on the intended space and usage. 

There are even large, square, flat floor luxury cushion covers that serve as accent pieces and are a good idea for flooring seating for parties and informal get togethers. 

Luxury Cushion Covers

Rectangle cushion covers also are popular and are commonly used amidst square cushions on couches, sofas and beds. 

Rectangle cushion covers placed in front against your squares forms for an accent piece quite effortlessly. 

Check out the designer online luxury cushion covers from Eris Home which are just what you need to create an aesthetic ambience in your home.

Styling with Sphericals

Round cushion covers given their alluring shape can be used as statement pieces to uplift your home interiors. 

With designer luxury cushion covers they act as show stoppers and the best part about this is that you can place them in any way. 

Round cushion covers are an ideal choice to decorate your home as they come in various colours, fabrics, and patterns and can be mixed with other types of cushion covers such as square and rectangle cushion covers to add an assorted look.

Why choose online cushion covers and bedcovers?

Online cushion covers and luxury bedcovers are one of the most flexible elements of home decor and they can be easily replaced. 

In fact, it is the first things we replace when it comes to giving our rooms a new look. This is because luxury cushion covers and cotton bed covers are a quick and pocket friendly way to spruce up your space.

So, before you think about repainting your home, or changing your couch, and re-carpeting the living area, give cushion covers and bedcovers a try.

After all, the bed is the centre of attraction in your room, and revamping its look with designer cushion covers and quilted bedcovers is the best idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up chic, stylish and good quality cushion covers online to create the right mood and ambience. 

Play it with Colours

Bedding items, especially luxury cushion covers, are elements that are fluid and it is perfectly fine to have some fun with them.

Use bright, designer cushion covers and add a riot of colours to your space to give it a sprightly vibe. To introduce different patterns and textures to the table and to give your ambience a lively and refreshing feel, explore Dreamy Cranes. 

More the merrier

It is key to note that the way you place your cushions is more important than the number of cushions. You can decide on the number of cushions per your choice or your decor aesthetic.

If you have traditional decor, go for an even number of cushions. For a contemporary look, you can choose an odd number.

You can mix and match the square and rectangle cushion covers for an eye-catching look. If you are a fan of the bohemian look, go in for floor cushions to induce a casual vibe. 

Flexibility: a key advantage

With online cushion covers and luxury bed covers, you bring in various textures and warmth to your room. These serve as accents to elevate the look and feel of the space.

Whether you buy simple Woven Waves, embroidery, or patchwork luxury cushion covers online, you will add a luxurious and sophisticated vibe to your home. Just make sure that while buying online cushion covers, they complement your quilted bed covers and other bedding items such that all the elements are tied together. 

Luxury Bed Covers

Ideal complement for bed covers

No matter what type of bed covers you choose, Sombre Sky or Sandhills, cushion covers enhance the look and plushness of the bed.

You can either choose cushions of different sizes or colours for a heterogeneous look, but make sure to pick cushion covers online depending on your home interior style.

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