Want to level up your interior space? It is time to add some add-ons that will boost your minimal look and give your space an astonishing look. You can do this by bringing in natural elements to your space. By adding ceramic pods, you can bring nature to your interior living space. 

At Eris Home, we have decorative seeds and flower pods to give a statement look. These unique art pieces will give a far more elevating appearance than vases. The pods, with or without flowers, will be the perfect minimalist accessory to boost your living space appearance. You can place the ceramic decorative pods in any suitable space, such as on a living room table, dining table, or anywhere else, as they will easily blend in with every type of home décor.

Add Simple and Elegantly Designed Pods To Your Bright Interior

When you have a bright and colourful interior, go for simple ceramic seed pods. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with sticking with neutral accents for your living room space. 

You just need to choose by varying the shades slightly. This is because it will not let your space appear one-dimensional. 

You can add our Gulmohar Seed Ceramic Pod Sets. These sets are available in neutral colours to give the decorative and aesthetic look. You can get this pod set of 2 in coal, copper and alabaster colour choices. This pod set is carefully given the shape of Gulmohar seed pods which makes it a statement art piece. This unique pair of vases will give an elegant look and add a touch of sophistication and design.

Line Up With Unique Artisan Vases

Arrange a series of vases with different shapes and heights to give a vibrant and aesthetic look. It can give an artistic presentation to your interior that will boost interest. Check out our ceramic vases from our online store.

Enhance your home and work place’s interior adding our African Tulip Seed Ceramic Pod sets, which will give an artistic feel. It is the aesthetic blueprint which looks exactly like the seed pods of the African Tulip tree. The experts have crafted it with a minimalist design which will give your interiors a sophisticated and elegant look. You can also add long-stemmed flowers to cheer up your living space.

This pod set will not only make your interior look beautiful but give a permanent display to fill a vase with a few more add-ons, such as seasonal flowers. This will keep your vase look beautiful and fresh all year round.

Give A Farmhouse Look With Decorative Seed Pods

To give a farmhouse look, you don’t have to add so many flowers to your vases. Simple decorative pods also give the perfect and cleaner farmhouse look. You can add some seasonal flowers to complement the pod, which will also add colour and fragrance. The pods will become the perfect centrepiece to entertain your visitors or guests. 

The pod set will display flowers as a table decoration idea, which will give a traditional vase view. You can create a rustic look to achieve a farmhouse view. Along with the pod set, you can add different flowers, such as double tulips, daffodils and garden roses. This will also give a bold and bright appearance to your interior. 

To get the desired farmhouse look, you can transform your space by adding our Buddha Nut Seed Ceramic Pod sets. This pod set will give an aesthetic appearance with its combined seed and flower pods from the Buddha Nut tree. It features an eccentric shape that makes it an alluring and eye-catching piece of décor. To give an outstanding view to the entire space, add some hand picked flowers from your garden. It will give an visually appealing view by complementing other decor pieces. 

Brighten Up Your Hallway With Ceramic Pods 

The hallway is the central space that welcomes guests. It is the right place to display vases of fresh flowers to give an inspiring and joyful atmosphere to your visitors. So, if you want to decorate an entryway table, the ceramic seed pods will be the best choice.

Apart from its usefulness, you can add more decorative stuff to your hallway table.  This will flaunt your personalised style and give your space the desired look. You can add other large and small vases and décor pieces. Also, you can add your family photos and bring in a touch of nature with flowering indoor plants.

Have a look at our Indian Laburnum Seed Ceramic Pod, which is inspired by the beautiful seed pods of the Indian Laburnum tree. This exclusive décor piece will give a unique touch of artistry to your entrance space. Moreover, you can add some of the floral decors along with this minimalistic vase. This ceramic pod will definitely brighten up your hallway. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, you can upgrade your interior living area using these decorative ideas along with our exclusive ceramic pods. It will be a beautiful addition to your space that will elevate the entire interior space. These add-ons will become the centre of attraction by grabbing attention. Shop for an exclusive seed pod collection only at Eris Home.