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    Quick Shop The Mughal collection is an ode to the domes, arches and jaalis...
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    Mughal - Zeenat Cushion Cover
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    Quick Shop The Mughal collection is an ode to the domes, arches and jaalis...
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    Mughal - Mumtaz Cushion Cover
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    Quick Shop The Mughal collection is an ode to the domes, arches and jaalis...
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    Mughal - Nur (Grey) Cushion Cover
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Offering an escape into the enchantment of our cosmos is Eris Home’s ensemble of Cushion Covers which are inspired by our surroundings & nature in abundance. With reposeful textures, pastel hues and innovative prints, Eris Home Luxury Cushion Cover collection explores unique design mood boards that stays audacious but with elegance, perfect to herald any seasonal shift.

Contemporary brand Eris Home helmed by Sanjana Lunia is born with the vision to create a kinder world, one where modern-day luxury is one in unity with nature. The Eris Home Cushion Cover range is all about the mix. Standing alone or a pop here and a pop there or balanced against solid palettes or juxtaposed with each other, these cushion covers online can layer up and levitate the chi, add character and kindle the joie de vivre to dress your ambience in myriad hues.

Why Choose Eris Home Cushion Covers?

Eris Home’s design roots are anchored in sustainable and synergic living. The Eris Home Luxury Cushion Cover Collection is an extension of that design philosophy with its interplay of finesse, aesthetics and comfort. The richness of fabrics, colour and patterns portray the multifaceted kaleidoscope’s exotic designs, complemented with intricate workmanship on each the cushion covers online.

Eris Home believes in infusing responsible luxury with sustainable practices. The brand sources its materials ethically with the belief that luxury shouldn’t kill and thus uses “Ahimsa Silk” fabric in its collections.

Why invest & buy Luxury Cushion Covers?

Luxury Cushion Covers are crucial to make a space look complete and inviting. In addition to being a practical component of seating, cushions alter the area's appearance. As a result, cushion covers are essential for both decorating and furnishing your home. While frequently changing furniture or wall finishes is not feasible, changing Luxury cushion covers is a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to bring newness & update any space.

To Match Your Style Eris Home offers a wide variety of Luxury Cushion Covers befitting various needs. Here are a few sizes that we offer:

  • Square Luxury Cushion Covers - 22” square / 20” square / 18” Square & 16” Square
  • The most frequently used shape of cushion covers is the square. Square cushion covers come in a variety of sizes depending upon what piece of furniture it’s intended for. They are offered in a wide variety of colours, sizes, designs, embroidery techniques, materials, and edge details. They also work well together as pairs or more and can be purchased as an assorted bundle. A square cushion can be positioned either straight or diagonally to provide interest.

  • Rectangular Luxury Cushion Covers – 16” x 26”/ 14” x 20” & 12” x 16”
  • These cushion covers are rectangular and typically larger than square ones. They look fantastic on symmetrically arranged beds as well as couches and seatings. They work well when mixed with square cushions too.

  • Shaped Luxury Cushion Covers – Assorted
  • These, which are more abstract and contemporary in design, might improve your decor if employed properly. They look lovely when grouped in a variety of ways. The attractive addition of shaped cushion covers enhances beds, sofas, benches, and diwan sets immensely.

Choosing the best cushion covers for your home might be challenging with the enormous online selection. Here are some Suggestions & Style Tips for picking out and dressing up your space as per your style:

  • One of the fundamental strategies for choosing cushion covers is coordinated matching. To provide contrast and depth to the design styling, choose a lighter, darker or contrasting shade rather than one that is the same colour as your couch.
  • Mix and Match: Be brave and try something new! Try out various prints and patterns, and then balance them up with pillow coverings in solid colours. Include runners & throws that coordinate with the entire layout.
  • Bright Colours: Any decor can benefit from a few vibrant colours. Your cushion cover should be contrasting to bring life and light to the decor. Use decor items like lamps and hangings to highlight the pop colour in the space.

Buy Luxury Cushion Cover Online

Because your home is your refuge, you should arrange it any way you choose. At Eris Home we offer chic cushion covers which can accentuate the beauty and colour of your living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor lounging areas. You don't have to worry about going from store to store in search of the ideal cover for your sofa cushions thanks to our varied range. Browse our selection of Luxury cushion covers on Eris Home’s website.


What fabric is best for cushion covers?

Natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen etc are the best for cushion covers as they look and feel luxurious, they are also sustainable.

What is the difference between cushion cover and pillowcase?

They vary in terms of size of purpose. A pillow cover is generally rectangle and its purpose is to rest your head upon, so they need to feel soft to your skin and have minimal embellishments. A cushion can be any shape and size and its purpose is decorative.

Where to buy lumbar pillow covers?

You can shop for Lumbar Luxury Cushion Covers on our site Eris Home.

How do you wash couch cushion covers?

Always read the care label attached to the products to learn how to best take care of your cushions.

What size should Luxury cushion covers be?

Depends on the size of chair/sofa/bed that you want to place it upon. Generally a 20*20 inches cushion paired with an 18*18 inch cushion is a good option.